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    The Bears defense entered the game as the top defense on the Madden NFL 23 because they can handle everything. They’ve got 34 sacks and they allow 3.6 yards per carries, which is tied with the Saints as the best team in Madden NFL 23. The thing that makes their defense go from good to excellent is their mistakes they make. They have caused 29 turnovers and 20 interceptions that have scored points on six of those.

    While this league is an offensive one, the Bears are probably the only defense that can hang with the Saints in the playoffs , and they have a shot.

    The worst thing that could possibly happen is occurring to the Cowboys right now.

    They’re winning. What’s wrong with that? Because Jason Garrett might keep his job if they win their way to the NFC East, and Garrett should not be allowed to stay in his position. I’ve previously written about this.

    The offense is pretty bland. It’s been improved with the addition of Amari Cooper but it’s nothing different. It’s just Amari Cooper making plays. Thursday, was a wonderful illustration.

    First touchdown a simple catch and long run. The second was an excellent catch in triple coverage and Cooper managed to break free and was able to take it home. Cooper’s been a good first-round draft selection so far as well as those who claimed he was not will have to eat our words. Even though Cooper has made the offense more efficient and has improved the team’s overall performance, I’m not sure he’s improved Dak Prescott better.
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