Our ethos is in line with the democratic and pluralist values of community radio. We encourage the use of open source technologies in our learning, processes and ethos. The essence of our work is to provide a safe learning space whereby Refugee/Asylum/Migrant communities in Europe can create and document their own diverse multimedia content using artistic and creative forms. Thus, creating alternative narratives to those that are constructed through Fortress Europe policies and propagated and sustained through the mainstream media. 

Our core teaching philosophy is underpinned using the 4 C’s principles of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. Other 21st century skills include media literacy, information literacy, technological literacy and flexibility. All aspiring producers have complete editorial control over their content. We encourage all participants to explore exciting and creative ways of presenting information using digital storytelling, poetry, music, song and sound to engage with European and international audiences.

We use open source technologies when possible and all work published is licenced under the Creative Commons Licence, thus supporting the Creative Commons movement of  open access, sharing and collaboration.