Audio Festival

The Soundseekers Audio Festival  is a global online and broadcasting collection of radio broadcasting content created by refugees, asylum and migrant communities. Refugee asylum and migrant communities are supported in developing their multimedia skills in a blended learning environment and community radio stations across Europe broadcast their creative content.  Audiences will have the opportunity to engage with content through social media platforms. We envisage this project becoming an annual online festival.


Project Aim

Democratisation of access to knowledge is a central aim of this project part of which is to collapse the boundaries of space and time and more importantly the ability to access open and accessible technologies.  Previously the preserve of elites, now under and non-represented voices from minority communities have access to a plethora of digital platforms to share voice and content from.

Project Objectives

Create a community of practice (COP) by developing a European network of aspiring producers, content creators, activists, grassroots organisations, community media outlets to collaborate on creating a European online festival of content created by Refugee, Asylum and Migrant communities

Explore how digital tools, constructs of digital citizenship, digital literacies can support the learning journeys of Refugee, Asylum and Migrant communities as they travel through Europe

Explore how European audiences engage with multimedia content that has been created