We are a loose collective of youth & community workers, activists, practitioners with a passion for community media, radio and skills sharing. Our work started in the Jungle Refugee Camp in Calais in October 2016. We set up a project called Jungala Radio which was a digital community radio station. When the camp was demolished in 2016, we started to support communities by running workshops and supporting their learning experiences through online exchanges and workshops. Our time spent in the Jungle Camp in Calais has given us insight into some of the issues that arise for Refugee/Asylum/Migrant Communities when accessing educational spaces. These experiences directly inform how we develop our practice of facilitation. All our facilitators are police vetted and come from activist and community working backgrounds and have experience in working with Refugee/Asylum/Migrant Communities in various roles and capacities throughout Europe. We draw upon several teaching and learning theories in our facilitation methods including experiential learning and critical digital pedagogy.