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    In FIFA 23 In FIFA 23, the CDM in the 5-1-2-2 changes the configuration completely. It’s a set-up that allows your wing-backs to attack. When they go forward, they’re in a relatively safe position.

    You have width down the flanks, you can also attack within an extremely narrow formation, but defensively you are secure with a backline of five, a strong CDM and two midfielders in the centre as defensive back-up.

    Dujan Kulusevski is one of the first Road To The Knockout SBC in FIFA 23. Yes, with an Architect this card could be long. Absolutely, Spurs could be able to compete in the Champion’s League. However the card is expensive , especially when compared to the Sterling SBC which was officially launched yesterday. The two cards are reviewed below.

    We are here to offer an impartial opinion – in our opinion, Kulusevski is not worthy of this type of coin. Even with the possibility of just one or two, possibly even three, if Spurs continue to make, upgrades the card, but it’s not worth this kind of cash. Let’s see how this card compares to the Sterling Ones To Watch card from yesterday’s live SBC.

    However, there’s nothing negative. Kulusevski is a well-rounded player with good 80+ stats in almost every field that is important (including a hefty 87 long shots for those wing cut-in shots) as well as plenty of physicality and passing. With upgrades, and the full length statistic from Architect it’s possible to have quite a beast of a player in your hands. It’s all about whether you think it’s worth 200k or more this very early.

    We’ve used Kulusevski’s base card (it started in our first Premier League team), but it wasn’t this SBC version. The card is able to be long, which makes it more functional over cards like these in the past. Even so, we’ve found that the bursty speed for wingers is still more beneficial. Lengthy is better for fullbacks as well as wingbacks.
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